Persuade, Convince and Entertain with a Voice that rings true!
SPEED workshops develop the Effective Communicator with a focus on Being Yourself, finding your USP, Strengths and Weaknesses, and shows you how you can stand out from the crowd.
  Breathing Exercises
  Effective Voice Modulation techniques like Pace, Volume, Pitch, Pause, Stress, Tone and Timbre
  Dealing with vocal problems like stammering and nasality
  Diction/ Articulation
  Vocal Emotions
  Record and hear yourself immediately!

The SPEED Voice Training emphasizes on breathing patterns, diction, modulation, and expressing different emotions.

Our approach is to liberate the natural voice rather than acquire a false one. Practice using scenes, ads, etc, write your own scripts, take home your voice on a cd and HEAR THE DIFFERENCE.

The ultimate aim is to help you maximize your voice potential by excelling in Radio Jockeying, Voice Overs, Anchoring, Acting, Debating, Public Speaking, Presentation and Interview Skills.

The workshop can be tailored and customised for individual as well as group sessions.

We also have Trained Anchors and Voice-Over Artists available for Events, Ads and Films.

"I believe your voice is your calling card" --- Poonam Sareen, Mid-Day Metro.



Training Radio Jockeys at EMDI
Training News Anchors at CNBC
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