Priyanshu Chatterjee, Film Actor
"The use of empathy and not just sympathy makes this class far from superficial. It helps you get down to the roots. The combination of trainer, healer and guide is a huge asset to the coaching"
Isha Sharvani, Dancer/Film Actress
"SPEED has opened my eyes in so many ways. Exploring my inner self will remain with me forever. I loved the voice exercises. They showed me its how you say the words that is important."
Priya Deshmukh (English Professor)

Being the newest entrant at SPEED, this is a whole new and exciting world for me, in a city that I've just come to and have always been afraid of. But now, even after the terror attacks, I don't feel insecure or hesitate to stay here because I know I have a family at SPEED.

My New Year message -"When you believe in yourself, ANYTHING is possible!"

Production, Philips
I plan not to get locked up in a 'box'
Shruti Seth, VJ, Actress
"I had come here to improve my voice but I feel I have improved on lots more. My life, my thinking and my deeds. Your workshop has reached lower than my vocal chords - my heart. It will help me not only with my voice but with life in general. I would like you to know that I feel WHOLE, HEALED and I only wish I could come visit you after this workshop is over and learn more about different spheres of life. Thank you for showing me a different perspective of life."
Yashna Wahal (16 yrs, Voice & Personality Student)

My experience from this class -

I had originally joined SPEED just for improvement in voice and phonetics. But I ended up learning a lot more. After this course, I became not only a changed personality, but also increased my confidence. The earlier 'fake me' had just been erased and a whole new me was born.

I became much more comfortable with people - not just people I know but also new people who I just met. I became a more friendly person. My mannerisms changed. Posture improvement and speaking skills were just added on top of this. I would recommend SPEED to all those who want to gain confidence, correct speech and become an interesting personality.

The last thing I would mention is that I have finally gotten over the biggest fear that I had, speaking in front of a group. I can now speak at any given time in front of any crowd with not only clarity and confidence but also with pleasure.

Finance, Lakme
The introspective session made me a more focused individual
Aditya Bal, Model, VJ
"There's no doubt in my thought or action. It's all flowing now. I am a great actor. I can speak like thunder. My self is where all the power is. I have found the source of never ending strength, courage and energy. I am fire. I am the sun, moon, stars and all in between. I am ready, ready to go forward."
Finance, Citibank
Meditation helped me relax and de-stress and provided me with an avenue to get back to my normal self after a very long time.
Ayaz Khan, Model
"I have been able to improve myself as an actor due to the fact that I can voice modulate better, I express myself in a more real manner. My diction has vastly improved. I am more confident when I speak in front of people and in front of the camera. This confidence has reflected in my performance as an actor and also in real life conversations. I would like to thank Mrs Sareen for her invaluable time and guidance."
Mother of Aman, aged 9
After making him attend so many other speech classes before, I could'nt believe my ears when I heard Aman's recorded voice. He spoke so clearly and confidently!
Purva Mehra, Indian Express
"I am now an able communicator, with a reformed attitude towards myself and an assurance that "I believe I can". Through Dramakinetics, voice/speech training and intense focus on the self, SPEED enables a better understanding of the person within. There are other such organizations, however they are primarily profit oriented with a view to commercialise their interests rather than bring out the uniqueness in each of us. This is what sets SPEED apart from the rest. The others cater to a specific need, which entails limited interaction, stipulated in a rigid time frame. While at SPEED one is able to utter a cry of help and will be guaranteed a response to that plea."
A Marketing Manager at HLL Chemicals
"Non-judgemental listening and interpersonal relationships made me completely change my perception of individuals and helped me understand and know them better."
A Sales Officer, Cadbury
"Dramakinetics allowed me to look at a given situation from a radically different viewpoint and helped me regain the sense of humour that I thought I had lost."
Shonali Suryavanshi, Acting Student
"This class was real fun and exciting. I enjoyed every moment of it and also learnt to live it in the moment. It has definitely encouraged me to keep the naughty child within me alive."
Administration, I.T.C
This programme has brought about a positive note in me and has added value to my life -
Surabhi Upadhyay, CNBC
"The exercise - One Sentence, Many Ways, brought out the essence of all the sessions very clearly. We understood all that we've been going through and had plenty of fun while we were at it!"
Rohit Chandavarkar, Journalist - IBN
"The breathing and voice exercises were the best part because they help in relaxation and allow one to control the voice in an effective manner. I think the learnings will help me while doing voice overs for news stories and also help me be more confident in front of the camera in a live or 'breaking news' situation. I must thank Ms Poonam Sareen for this contribution.
Jency Jacob, Principal Correspondent - IBN
"I enjoyed the sessions where breathing exercises were taught. I never knew they play such an important role in the way we pronounce and talk. Overall, it has been a good session where I could realize my weaknesses and the ways to mend them."
Sarwar Ahuja, Actor
"The activities I enjoyed the most were learning how to throw the voice properly, the spiritual learning of the self and the voice exercises - because it helped me to use my voice like never before. I can relate better now with the character I am playing as I am able to imagine myself in the character's shoes."
Aditi Sharma, ZEE TV
"I enjoyed each and every activity I did here. These activities really helped me open up and discover new things about myself. Ma'am I just loved your talks about life, being positive and being fearless. They made me feel very complete from inside."
Marketing Regional Manager, HDFC Bank
I love myself more than before and share love everywhere I go
Pia Trivedi, VJ
"I think its been a great experience. A whole new world between all of us during class. The day I walked into the doors, I felt this different energy. Something inside me woke up. Now I am able to stand at any given time and act. The confidence is very high and I believe there's nothing to lose but give your give best shot at every character. Overall, I believe now I'm an actor capable of doing anything. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for me now. I'm free with my voice, my actions and my body."
Prashant Raj Sachdev, Acting Student
"My experience at SPEED has been a memorable one. The kind of things that are taught here, I doubt can be taught at any classroom or institute. According to me acting has two main aspects - the internal (mental) and external (physical). Ms Sareen takes the unique path of attacking the internal first, it's more like body cleansing. Getting to know more about yourself and at the same time realizing your limitations and working on them. Lots of monologues, skits, singing and dancing and a whole lot of fun definitely makes you much more confident and brings out the actor within you."
Junaid Kodil (Acting Student,SPEED Associate)

My greatest learning here is how to create something beautiful from nothing.

Like we made a fairy tale on grammar to make it more interesting, and frankly understand it even better ourselves! Or an entire 13-episode TV show for Aastha - right from scratch! I've also grown from being a student to a trainer, every step of which has given me more and more confidence.

My New Year message - "No matter what…I feel Great! I feel Great!

Prashant Pratap, Model, Acting Student
"SPEED has taught me to move fast. The course has offered new insights and has helped me learn unexplored alleys in the world of communication. The one-on-one sessions with Ms Poonam Sareen helped me kill me inhibitions and break down the blocks I had built over time. It seemed like a long walk and you have definitely been my guiding star. You've done a lot for my confidence and given me some lessons which I will carry with me forever."
Hiral Sachde (CNBC)
"I will now be able to throw my voice better, modulate better, pitch whenever it can add value and Smile from within. I will do all exercises to get a quality voice composed presentation"
Dr Aditi Govitrikar Lakdawala (Ex Mrs World - 2001)
"I loved and enjoyed being part of the personal, interactive and enriching sessions. Emoting with voice, is the gift Poonam has given me. I have discovered aspects of my voice that lay dormant."
Sunita Nair (Buddying RJ at EMDI)
"I loved all the activities since they were all inter-active. And we had to perform and think in every activity. So it was fun. There was no monotony or boredom at all. I feel completely refreshed."
Neil Pereira (Buddying RJ, EMDI)
"I most enjoyed the Breaking Inhibitions activity where we were made to dance because it helped me to get the child out of me and it made me feel free."
Dilshad Edibam (Actor, Voice Over Artist, SPEED Associate)

This year at SPEED has given me a whole variety of experiences from creating a workshop for street children, to recording and playback in one-on-one sessions with professional anchors and seeing their progress from day 1 which is fascinating, to handling marketing and advertising.

I'm thankful that my growth this year has been quite well-rounded, helping me to build on my creativity, humility and spirituality. And of course, the key word to round it all up is FUN!

At SPEED, the madder the better! My New Year message to everyone reading this - Not all answers can be found on Google, sometimes you have to look within.

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