I am a Winner! Unique, Creative, Imaginative, Confident and a Go-Getter

Creative drama (acting) kinetics (Movement/Feelings) stresses on spontaneity and learning through fun devices. A multitude of activities like movement exercises, speech and voice training, pantomime, theatre games, improvisations help develop creativity, imagination, language and communication, self respect and self-confidence.

At SPEED we also help prepare your child for Stage, TV, Voice Overs, Interviews and Films.


In this hi-tech world keep pace and be a hi-tech communicator.
Rid yourself of nasality, too high pitch, slurring, wrong articulation and bad diction.

You can improve your voice, speak correctly, enunciate, project it properly with the right modulation. At the end of the session you will have a self created audio tape and you can ‘Hear the Difference’!


This course is about emerging as a confident and dynamic
speaker in every walk of life.

Battling stage fright, developing good diction, body language, speech writing, speaking extempore, interviewing skills, group discussions and most importantly, a positive self concept which exudes that confidence! Advanced programs in presentation skills and anchoring.


The world is a stage and you can learn to play any part and become a multi-faceted person.

Speed uses theatre games to develop spontaneity, creativity, teamwork, shed inhibitions and overcome stage fright.

Through role play, voice flexibility exercises, speaking and acting techniques develop your latent talents.


Develop leadership qualities, goal setting, listening and communication skills.

Break barriers of ‘I can’t’, handle peer pressures, peer relationships, stress and tension.

Increase positive thinking and self esteem and maximize your potential.

Give vent to your creativity through creative writing, designing, eye catching layouts, colour coding, print production awareness.

Developing marketing skills is an important thrust.


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