SPEED's annual programme caters to a wide age group ranging from 3 to 16 year olds. We involve them in activities that are theatrical, fun and set to music.

Creative drama (acting) kinetics (Movement/Feelings) stresses on spontaneity and learning through fun devices. A multitude of activities like movement exercises, speech and voice training, pantomime, theatre games, improvisations help develop creativity, imagination, language and communication, self respect and self-confidence. .

These classes have been designed to offer the actor the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of the fundamental concepts of theatre. The ability to express and perform on stage can be accomplished only through systematic work on every facet of theatre including acting, speech, voice, elocution, public speaking, breathing techniques and stage dynamics, moulding them into powerful communicators.


This class is basically aimed at nurturing children's creativity and shows them how to step outside their cautious inhibited self into a freedom of personal power and charisma. It also encourages them to stretch their imagination, develop body and voice expression, raise reading levels, vocabulary, thinking skills and build confidence in character.

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