A cd that is an introduction on wholistic ayurveda with beautiful shlokas and music.

This album introduces you to your own self and the universe outside from an entirely different perspective. It makes you aware of the web of life and the need to look at the connect between the body, the mind, the spirit and the environment if you are to be in a state of continued wellness or eternal bliss.

created with Punarnava Ayurveda, voice by Poonam Sareen and music by Akshai Sareen.

Ultimate AHAH  

This special two CD set is a series of guided chakra meditations, that empowers your chakras (energy centers), creating inner balance & outer harmony.

The distinctive healing music, scientifically created for each chakra relaxes your body and mind.

Learn to balance & empower your chakras, celebrate yourself & life... making it the ultimate ahah experience.

As you align your chakras with this cd and the beautiful healing music created by Akshai Sareen---feel empowered and free.

NEW!!! Ultimate AHAH  

A beautiful Journey from WHO AM I to I AM THAT!!!

Through these guided meditations, you will work at the core, identify and get rid of old patterns, fears and phobias, limiting ego, beliefs and negative feelings and learn to celebrate your self and life.

Also true balance between yin and yang (masculine, feminine) within you is what truly sets you free and empowers your relationships.

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