Testimonial of Gaurav Sahni
(CEO, IT Company - Attended the 'Ultimate AHAH' one-on-one sessions)

"Dawn of 2009, I was atop my favourite mountain, Raigad. Lying awake in my sleeping bag, looking at the brilliant display of nature in the sky above me, I was ruminating over the mess my life has become.

Successful CEO of an IT company but extremely unhappy due to marriage on the brink and the relationship, which in the first place caused the marriage to get ruined, also gone sour. In this vast universe I had a very lonely & defeated feeling. I felt that if I was to fall off this precipice, no one would miss me. I remembered the urchin whom I gave dinner last night and a strange realization gripped me. Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I was in a much greater poverty than him.

Here I was, searching for answers in that vast expanse of sky above me, whipping myself for all the misdeeds and blaming the two women for ruining my life. My desire to live had waned.


As the old adage goes, when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. God, who must have been watching the whole drama, brought me to meet Poonam, to show me the light. It was a series of mere coincidence that I met her. She whipped me much more than what I had done myself, but for a different cause. She drilled into me that it is okay to do a mistake, it is okay to get hurt, it is okay to feel unloved by others, but it is NOT okay to not love yourself. I was taught how to lift myself by myself. It was not a narcissistic approach that you are the God's gift to mankind so feel proud. It was more of acknowledging the mistake, forgiving others for their deeds, closing hurtful relationships and inculcating a firm belief that every pain on the way is God's way of sculpturing a better human being. Her teaching was, don't be a saint. If someone has hurt you, tell him, scream at him, be angry with him, if possible whack him but don't carry hatred. It is not possible to create a happy life if you are carrying hatred inside you. Live everyday as if Buddha has come to stay inside you. Don't let anyone hurt him i.e. you.


Poonam taught me that as long as the intention is good, walls can be broken and nectar of life can flow through your veins making each day a wonderful day, each moment a worth-living moment.

A corporate person like me, who only understands logic, facts & conclusions, took time to understand and align with 'intentions'. After almost three years, I am once again beginning to go to bed or get out of it with a smile on my lips. Today I look back at the day gone by and feel rejuvenated.
Today I look at a new day rising and am anxious to fill it with joy. The positive intentions got carried through the universal system to dear wife who is suddenly feeling very warm and is also expressing it, something which has not happened for last three years. What is in store for tomorrow, God knows. But this young man of 50, filled to the brim with negative emotions & hatred for everyone has suddenly found words like Joyous, Intentions, Desire in his vocabulary and is intoxicated on positive energy."
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