Our Celebrity Students Speak About Their SPEED Experience

Mozez Singh

(Director/Producer, 'On the Couch' Headlines Today, Sat-9.00pm)

Q: What has this course done for you so far, as a professional?

Mozez: I think I've made a few strides since I first got here. There's definitely been a change in my acceptance of myself. I think I'm much more comfortable in front of the camera, I'm no more a ball of anxiety every time I'm asked to read something or do something.

The most amazing change I've seen in myself is that now I'm actually imagining myself anchoring a programme and that to me is the biggest shift that's happened in my head because even though I've always been very keen to anchor, I've never really imagined myself doing it and unless you can imagine doing something you can never really do it whether its anchoring or directing or painting, so I think I've made quite a lot of progress so far.

Love being part of the Energy here.

Mozez anchoring a show as part of his training

Sonia Kalani

(Freelance Writer with Gold Magazine, and an aspiring Anchor)

Q: What is the feedback you'd like to give us on the course and the different activities and what is it that you'd like to tell anyone reading this?

Sonia: The first and most important thing I've learnt through SPEED is to discover yourself and look within yourself because that's where your whole potential lies and that's where everything in the world starts from. The meditations have helped me a lot - I'm a lot more confident, a lot more camera friendly. The material that you provide is so good - every time I find I'm not good at something, you always give me extra material to work with and go through the entire process with me.

The one-on-one sessions have been wonderful for me because they've helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses, how well I can do in a particular field, and what I need to work on more.

Q: How are you now applying what you are learning in what you are currently doing which is as a print journalist?

Sonia: The most important thing I've learnt is how to effectively use my voice because that

is one thing I never paid attention to, I just took it for granted. But now I'm in the process of learning how to use my voice and how to project it the way I want to. The breathing exercises that you have taught have been wonderful and I've been doing them at home as well, and I can observe the difference within me.

Q: Would you like to emphasise a bit more on the breathing, because you have been a very good learner and a great student and I keep telling all my students about the importance of breathing.

Sonia: When I came here I wasn't even aware that I had a nasal twang in my voice. That's something I realised when I came here because every time I used to talk to you - you used to correct me and say don't talk from your throat, speak from your stomach; which is something I never did before. So now, I consciously do all the breathing exercises, the 'aa - o' technique, and instead of singing in the bathroom I sing outside, even if it's horrible, so that I can open up myself.

I think that's the most important thing about SPEED and the best part about this workshop is that you open up. There's already something there within you and you can just touch upon that and say this is what you are good at and the positivity around you is just wonderful. I have also written my TV show concept and that has been special---creating and improvising my own show.

Joyfully here is Queenie Dhody, the well known personality of Mumbai, with Junaid at SPEED, watching a recording of her practice sessions with us, before anchoring this year's Lakme India Fashion Week.
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