Dilshad Edibam's foray into the entertainment industry has been with acting, voice overs and backstage production.

She has acted in several Hindi and English plays.

Dilshad is currently working with SPEED as an Associate and Production Head.

She is involved in all the activities at SPEED.

Junaid Kodil started his career as a Marketing Strategist for a top computer firm after completing his engineering.

Wanting to achieve more, his interests are as a fashion designer which he continues even today.

Junaid discovered SPEED with his passion for acting.

He is currently working with SPEED and is involved with all the activities of SPEED.

Nisha Sareen has been doing theatre since the age of 6 and has studied acting at Weist Baron, New York.

Her education also includes a course in professional dance at the Broadway Dance Company, New York.

Her current theatre assignments include Daddy Kool by Tanaaz Currim-Irani, My Best Friend's Wedding by Sandeep Sikcand and Black with Equal by Vikram Kapadia. A budding powerhouse of acting talent she plays key roles popular television soaps like Maayka, and has also acted in Kkavyanjali and K Street Pali Hill. Bollywood too has spotted her talent and she has had key roles in Joggers Park and Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye.

Apart from work, her interests are in teaching children speech and drama and working with an NGO called Akanksha. Associated with SPEED since her inception, Nisha has trained, acted and assisted with various productions and trained students. Nisha currently trains students on how to audition in front of the camera for TV and ads, where the focus is not only on the script but also the non-verbal body language that goes along with it.


(Yoga/Martial arts exponent /Photographer)


Founder: VICTORY YOGA (yoga practice for a warrior of light) VICTORY WORKOUT (warrior's workout)
I VICTORY (sessions combining YOGA and WORKOUT)

In his 'I Victory' sessions, Abhishek draws from yoga, martial arts and ancient Indian spiritual wisdom, incorporating yogic postures, core strengthening exercises, breathing and meditative

techniques that are designed for specific needs and requirements. The sessions help individuals relax, center their minds, create a physical-mental balance and conserve tremendous energy so that they may realize their goals, maximize their potential, enhance their fitness/well being, attain better clarity and peace of mind.

Abhishek has grasped subtle aspects of yoga under the guidance of his Guru (a realized yogi) on the ghaats of Varanasi, he has been exploring the Vedanta (sacred scriptures) under the guidance of Dr Karan Singh, the great philosopher and Sanskrit scholar.

Abhishek is also a black belt in karate and has won several medals at the national and state level championships. He was a part of the prestigious Delhi University boxing team.

Actors Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Akshay Khanna and industrialist Subroto Roy Sahara among many others have benefited from his sessions. He also trained the Femina Miss India contestants (2006, 2007). An important project of Abhishek's involved special sessions with actor Darshan Jariwala to help him prepare for his role as Mahatma Gandhi in the critically acclaimed film "Gandhi My Father". Abhishek also trained Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor while they were preparing for their debut film "Saawaria", as well as Deepika Padukone to help her prepare for her role as a martial artist in the film "Chandni Chowk to China".

As a photographer, Abhishek has several published pictures and magazine covers to his credit. His travels as a photographer and his exploration of varied themes have greatly enriched his spiritual journey. After having dabbled with fashion, sports, classical dance photography and putting up two successful exhibits - "Ghalib-the seeker" (Delhi, 1998) and "The essence of Yoga" (Mumbai, 2005), he now focuses more on portrait and art photography.

Abhishek's association with SPEED started with the TV talk show 'The Ultimate AHAH' on Aastha - which outlined in 13 episodes, a journey from "Who am I to I am That" in which he was involved right from the conception and creation, to being on the panel. He brought to the show the young warrior's perspective towards spirituality which entails moving from Fear to Fearlessness in our lives. Subsequently, he has been a great friend and mentor contributing valuable inputs to SPEED.

We look forward to our collaboration with Abhishek in meaningful projects in the future which he can complement, consult, enhance and enrichen with his expertise and skills.

Akshai Sarin is the co-founder of AXYZ Music International - a vertically integrated group of music companies.

As a music entrepreneur, composer, producer and DJ, he has spearheaded a range of projects, from managing the Saurang Orchestra (a collaboration between Sarangi maestro Surinder Sandhu, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra & legends like Steve Vai) to promoting the world's no.1 DJ Armin Van Buuren.

A long-time member of the SPEED family, Akshai is deeply involved with SPEED's music therapy initiatives, CDs and show sound tracks.

Vanita Mascarenhas is our in-house web developer and graphic designer and has dabbled in various fields in her stream of art.

From presentations to animations to making computer based trainings for CD Roms for corporate houses, to developing games for a well known gaming company, Indiagames, she has vivaciously been active in every possible venture that came her way.

Currently she overlooks all matters relating to our website including administration, design, uploading and getting an earful from Poonam whenever things needed to have been done 'yesterday'

And when she's not on the phone with Poonam discussing important workshops that need immediate integration into the

website she looks after her two adorable and enthusiastic children.

"I went to Speed for a course on voice modulation, but came back getting more than my voice back.

Speed taught me how to find my self confidence and showed me the importance of cleansing oneself of all negativity for being a wholesome person; as along with voice Poonam also taught me to get in touch with my innermost feelings. I am now more aware of myself than I was ever before.

Before going to Speed I never knew the importance of breathing and speaking from the stomach. But now I teach my children to sing from deep within, to practice the 'OM' method to get clarity and range in their voices. I teach them to make an effort at correct pronunciation.

The utmost realization that I have learnt from Speed is that what I have imbibed during my sessions does not limit itself only to me for my existing present. But infact it is a lifelong edification that is imparted at every stage of my being that I am now passing onto people that I come in contact with, be it my children, family or friends."

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