Acting is heightened reality! An actor has a great sense of who, what, where, when and why. Imagination, observation, concentration, and sensory awareness are all important instruments for an actor.

Body talk - the way we sit, stand, walk reveals our attitudes and emotions. The body speaks louder than words! The actor must develop both Inner and Outer techniques. The Outer technique trains the voice and body to provide an effective instrument for communicating the meaning of a text to an audience. The Inner technique trains the actor to use his/her own life experience as a means of finding and understanding what that meaning is.

Acting is an invisible technique. "There is an actor in each of us, we only have to set him free by becoming aware of our abilities."
- Poonam Sareen, Director 'SPEED' for Bombay Times
Acting is an invisible technique. There is an actor in each of us, with our own psychological and emotional insights. We only have to set him free by becoming aware of our abilities.

Through role play, voice exercises, theatre games, acting techniques, practical video recordings, script writing sessions and mock auditions, develop your latent talent, get rid of your inhibitions and limitations and prepare to be a professional actor for Stage, TV or Films.
Our acting batches cater to:
Beginners, Media personalities, Professional Actors and others who want to develop their acting talent
Our ex-students include stars like Shruti Seth, Aditya Hitkari, Asif Ali Baig, Aditya Bal, Rushaad Rana, Nausheen Ali, Sanjit Bedi, Chetan Hansraj, Ayaz Khan and others
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